Suphanburi Next Steps

Step 1: Building cooperation for concrete and sustainable development

  •       Build a mechanism for participation strategies with all parties.
  •       Promote the role of stakeholder groups.
  •       Build relationships and promote participation activities both nationally and internationally.
  •       Strengthen the artist network.

Step 2: Public relations, dissemination, and promotion of values and identity of music in Suphanburi Province.

  •       Create a music industry database. (Big Data)
  •       Promote access to, dissemination, and broadcast of music information.
  •       Create Landmarks.
  •       Promote the marketing of the music business.

Step 3: Building and promoting music knowledge

  •       Transmit knowledge and develop skills for creative personnel in music and people of all ages.
  •       Promote understanding and learning about the history, identity, and information that is linked to the music industry chain in the province.

Step 4: Infrastructure development and conditions conducive to empowerment of the music industry in the province.

  •       Improve the infrastructure to meet the standard of international creative cities.
  •       Continuously promote activities that are linked to the music industry.
  •       Develop business mechanisms and tools.

Step 5: Development and promotion of value creation processes for the music industry in the province.

  •       Promote and develop the value of the music industry to expand into services and high-value products.
  •       Apply innovation and technology to add value and increase audience reach.
  •       Create a musical atmosphere.
  •       Link music with the tourism industry.