The origin of Suphanburi music


"Suphanburi, City of Elephant combats, Famed literature, Renowned amulets, Thriving agriculture, Long history Home of artists and scholars, and Beautiful dialect.” the provincial slogan of Suphanburi shows the richness of history and culture, which are important sources of the Suphan people’s creativity. The beginning of Suphan music started with "Se Pa", a literary poem about Khun Chang - Khun Phaen, a legendary tale of Suphanburi. Khun Chang - Khun Phaen” Se Pa tells the story of the protagonists who were all based on Suphanburi people. In the past, this story was first written as poems, recited with the help of Krub, a local instrument used to enhance the rhythm of the poems. Subsequently, the performance evolved into more the formulated Pi Phat, which involved more instruments and more sophisticated songs and rhythm. Beyond the history of music, the story has resonated with the people of Suphanburi through its honest reflections on the life of the people in the society in the past. Although some things have changed over time, some things or places, such as Wat Pa Lelai, one of the important historical places where Suphanburi folk song originated, remained the same.