Suphanburi: Music City

Suphanburi Province is a province that has outstanding assets and great musical identity. Suphanburi has a music stream that can be called "Benjapakee of Suphan Music,"  that includes five indispensable components: national artists for traditional Thai music, Fathers and Mothers of traditional music, King-Queen of country music, folk musicians, and modern music artists from pop and rock to rap music. Suphanburi is home to countless famous artists, musicians, musicians.


"U Thong,” “Suphanbhumi,” and “Suphanburi" are the names of the city from different eras that have continuously prospered on the land of Suphanburi. All of the names have the same meaning, "Golden Land," implying wealth and fertility. Currently, Suphanburi is home to 845,334 people and more than 10 ethnic groups. Distinct cultural diversity and long history, therefore, plays a key role in the creation of national treasure, the literature. "Khun Chang - Khun Phaen," that, in turn, gives rise to a culture of preforming the sepa (a type of traditional poetry) and traditional Thai songs in Suphanburi. This cultural heritage is a valuable asset that must be preserved for the youth of future generations to come.


Suphanburi has a gross provincial product of approximately 77,667 million baht (in 2015) with the outstanding agricultural sector. But what is not always discussed is that its verdant agricultural land is one of the main inspirations for the conception of the Suphan folk musical tradition such as "E-saew Song". And it is a common knowledge that the fertility of Suphan soil has gifted the people of Suphanburi with beautiful voices and a unique dialect. These extraordinary gifts make the Suphan singer, especially Luk Thung (country) singers, each with a soft tone --the sweetness of their sound is remembered by the general audience and adoring fans. Flavored by the sound of traditional Thai music, vernacular music, and country music, folk music has become an extension of the music for life that is a compelling combination of Thai traditional tunes and international tempos. And even though much time has passed, Suphanburi is still the original hometown of many famous modern music artists who have added to the cultural diversity of music, allowing the province to be more connected to the international audience.


This strength in music has inspired Suphanburi a collaborative development between community, government, private sector, and education sector, all coming together to enhance the economy and the society of Suphanburi, to develop the province into a Creative City of Music, to open the country up to the international community, to boost Suphanburi's reputation on the world stage, and to be part of the province's drive to become a city of happiness, which is the main vision of the province as well.

How can the creative cities network push "Suphanburi" forward?

  • Suphanburi Province will have a strategic opportunity to stimulate and create a local policy rich in creativity in music.

  • Strengthening the leadership potential of Suphanburi Province and enhancing its international image in the aspect of the application of policies, strategies,  activities to promote the creative city of music and sustainable urban development.

  • Increasing the attractiveness of investment on both regional and international levels.

  • Generating opportunities for collective learning-doing activities and creating alliances between Suphanburi Province and other creative cities of music networks around the world. 

  • Driving creativity in music at the local level in concert with provincial policy and economic environment and linking with a network of experts and creative businesses in music both nationally and internationally.