Background: Suphanburi, City of Music Masterplan


The 20-year National Strategy (2018-2037) lays down a critical framework for creative and cultural tourism that employ the local identity and culture to enhance urban development, to develop tourist sites with potential to created value and value-added. The plan places tremendous emphasis on the tourism industry which is an industry that generates income for the country by attempting to build a competitive edge, increasing economic value, promoting the livable city movement, and helping the city to become recognized on the international stage.


For Thailand to become a leader in the creative economy in the ASEAN region, it is necessary to build confidence in other countries, to be able to attract investment in creative industries, to become the centre of the leading creative business ss well as to be a new destination for creators, startups, and creative and cultural travellers who seek different lifestyles and enriching experiences.


In the past, many countries have used mechanisms to drive such goals through image building and confidence enhancement by organizing festivals aimed to enhance competitiveness internationally and encouraging cities to join the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. The network has been recognized internationally for strengthening and promoting connections between local cities and international networks. It is one of the powerful tools to expose local creative businesses to the global market. It also leads to the creation of strong networks of entrepreneurs, associations, local creators, and urban developers, which will enhance the quality of life and empowering the local identity in order to create interest and attract tourists to the country.


Therefore, the initiation of a 5-year creative city development plan for music in Suphanburi Province (2021 - 2025) will be an important tool in the systematic operation and management.


This plan will help implement the agency's and provincial missions effectively, in accordance with national direction and policies. Additionally, the plan will enhance the province to optimize important resources, such as human resources, budget, and time, more efficaciously. The province of Suphanburi will be able to control, audit, evaluate the performance on the basis of the specified directional framework and use the collected data to improve the operation of the province to be more efficient in the future.