Musical Education

Suphanburi has music schools both in the formal and informal systems. In the formal education system, it has prepared to prepare the foundation for music for youth province-wide based on the OBEC standard (Office of the Basic Education Commission). There is a policy for every school to have music classes. There are folk singing activities and vernacular music camps to cultivate the young generation to have a passion for performances and develop musical skills. Each school provides facilities such as instruments, rehearsal rooms, music instructors, as well as designing the music teaching style in the classroom according to students’ interests and the readiness of each educational institution. The schools that have contributed to the advancement of music education in the province include Suphanburi Dramatic Arts College, Karnasut Suksa Lai School, Kanchanaphisek Wittayalai, Suphanburi School, Sanguan Ying School, Suphanbum School, Bangplama School, "Sung Suman Phadungwit" U Thong Suksa Lai School, Bangli Wittaya School, and Banhan-Jamsai Wittaya School Group, etc.


(Suphanburi Dramatic Arts College)



( Karnasut Suksa Lai School, Kanchanaphisek Wittayalai, Suphanburi School, Sanguan Ying School)


Moreover, outside the education system, Suphanburi province has music life museums with cultural roots and music lovers jointly driving music stories from the community and creating learning resources and centers for music incubation, for example, Jiraporn’s Thai Music House, the house of a Thai music teacher who is an incubator for Thai musicians of Suphanburi province; Sing, Dance, and Play Music Center for Children and Youth in Ban Bang Rak Community; Uthai Chongwattanarak’s learning center, which opened as a training center for folk music and teaching Thai music to youth; Ban Mae Kwan Chit Sriprachan" Cultural Learning Center for Local Wisdom, Performance Arts, and Folk Songs of the Central Region, a learning center for the wisdom of performing “E-Saew” folk songs; the Sayan Sanya Museum, promising a collection of the folk idol’s music and personal history, established by Village Chief Tui; Ban Laem Community, community that loves music where each house has its own song sung while working; and a recording room of Phra Ajarn Rewat Chatmetho, who promotes and supports young talents in music of Suphanburi Province, etc.



(Music Room, Suphanburi National Museum, Jiraporn’s Thai Music House and Ban Mae Kwan Chit Sriprachan)

In the private sector, Yamaha Music School Suphanburi has been organizing music activities on a regular basis. There are concert activities for students to showcase their talents every Saturday and Sunday. Furthermore, the school had an important role in founding and promoting the province's contemporary orchestra, Suphanburi Chamber Orchestra.